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Will UK reach a deal with EU?


The Brexit game has reached its final stage. The deadline to enter into an agreement with the EU is October 19, 2019. If the UK fails to reach an agreement then they should seek an extension by January 31,2020. Today, the UK and the EU Brexit team are meeting the latest UK-based design. EU Brexit officials will introduce the plan into the EU Summit which will be held tomorrow. In the negotiations if the EU countries are reached with Brexit the agreement will be sealed. The biggest issue is with the Irish in the background. I hope, both countries have to reach an agreement.

What is the Irish Backstop? 

The constitution means that a border will be opened for any discussion of the future of the UK and the EU. Both the EU and the UK do not reach an agreement before October 31 then there will be one customs zone in the EU in the UK. Initially, the UK discussed two customs checks were not accepted by Ireland and the EU. Meanwhile, UK PM Boris Johnson met with Irish PM Leo Varadkar last week to discuss the agreement. The Irish said the meeting ended in a positive note and said there were opportunities to play before 31 October. 

EU Meet the agency selects: 

Earlier, the EU had argued that Brexit negotiations should satisfy the EU and Ireland. In early October the EU said strengthening the treaty was in the minority. They added that the UK should fulfill the Irish mandate and if they were satisfied with negotiations with the UK then the EU could consider the agreement further and all 27 countries would be happy with the agreement. If one of the EU members opposes the agreement then the agreement may be forfeited. Now, if an agreement is not in place like the Benn Act, the UK should seek an extension by 31 January 2020. Again, the EU must decide whether to grant the UK extension or not. If there is one member who is opposed to the extension then the UK should leave the EU without a treaty by 31 October. At that time, Brexit negotiators held a meeting yesterday where they could not reach agreement. The meeting will continue and if any negotiations take place it will be reflected in the EU meeting tomorrow. So, tomorrow Brexit will come to an end part with any agreement.